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Phone Psychic Readings Tarot cards, horoscopes, love readings, and more! Find Out About Your Future - Psychic Phone Readings. Astrological Phone Readings. Tarot Card Phone Readings. Clairvoyant Phone Readings. Love Readings by a Psychic Find out if love is in your future or if your partner is cheating on you. Learn More. Tarot Card Readings Find out what your cards say through our psychic hotline. Clairvoyant Phone Readings Want to know what your future holds?

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Our master psychics can tell you. Astrological Phone Readings Find out what the stars are really trying to tell you. Whats A Psychic Reading? Types of Psychics To understand how psychics operate, it helps to understand how psychics acquire their important information. Types of Psychic Readings Consider a tarot card reading or for timing, an astrology reading if you are looking for very specific predictions about people and events.

Desire insight within your romantic relationships? There are even famous instances where someone believes they were Anne Frank or Jesus Christ himself. I met a woman who believed she had been an ancient Egyptian Priestess. If you are interested in learning about who you were in the past, this is a great reading for you.

Knowing who you were can help you understand why you are drawn in some ways and repulsed by others.

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You may have deep wounds or scars from past experiences that need healing in order for you to live a full life in the present, and a Past Life Reading can help you start the process of recovery. Chants, spells, and invocations are used in this type of reading giving you power that you may use for supposedly evil purposes. Perhaps you are seeking revenge against your enemy; you may want to cull supernatural and devilish forces to accomplish this work.

This type of reading may also help you to see if someone has put a spell on you, in which case your reader may help you exorcise a demon or ward off bad juju! Some believe that demon spirits live around us in the same way that angels do.

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Not everyone thinks of these demons as evil; in fact, many look to demons for guidance! Demonology is the study of these spirits and provides services such as exorcism or you may desire to communicate and work with a demon for specific purposes. For example, some focus on wisdom Balam, Bim, and Marbas, for example while others, like Bune and Murmur, help conjure the dead and Furfur helps in love.


Palmistry is an ancient art using the delicate structure of the hand - width of palm and fingers; line; skin contour; pigmentation - to give hints at your future and tell the story of the past. Looking at your palm, the psychic can see aspects of your personality, insights into your romantic life, finances, career, and happiness scale.

There are various types of energy work you can opt for such as Reiki, vibrational healing, and energetic vibration. The goal is to introduce healing into your chakras producing tranquility that opens the door to self-knowledge and contentment. If you are feeling blocked, your healer can reopen channels by directing healing energy there. Sometimes your healer will use colors as a way of tuning up discombobulated vibrations. If you are like me, sometimes you lose things! The goal here is for your reader to get you back in touch with an object that is important to you and which vibrates for you with sentimental value.

The reader helps you in reintegrating lost memories to piece together the mystery of where the misplaced object is. You may also know that the object is irretrievable and instead work through grief or mixed-feelings you associate with your object. This type of reading helps you work through challenging you may be facing in love and relationships. Topics include: divorce, self-sabotage, affairs, compatibility, and other issues such as positive communication and sex empowerment.

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You may also be dealing with an obsession, unrequited love, or a breakup. To achieve this, your reader may use tarot cards, cartomancy, or clairvoyance. Basically, your medium can use any psychic technique but they will focus their energy on answering your questions and culling information concerning your love life. Numerology readings are associated with mysticism and analyze numbers as symbols that have meaning and illuminate mystical truths about your life and the world more broadly.

A Numerologist is interested in dates and ages as well as numbers associated with your name and can use this information to clarify patterns influencing you. These readings also give a unique look at the development of your personality, and may help you pinpoint setback that are not visible to the untrained eye.

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Toggle navigation Tell My Tarot. Check out the Full List here. Did you know you have a choice to make? There are many types of psychics such as: Mediums!

Intuitive Counselors! There are also many types of readings to choose from depending on how you feel and what you would like information on, such as: Card Readings! Body Healings!

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Themed Readings! Mystical Readings! Cosmic Readings! Supernatural Readings! Witchcraft Readings! And feel free to share with me your journey toward self-realization; let us keep in touch : Advertising disclosure: Some of the following companies pay me commissions on purchases make through these links. May your journey be thorough and long-lasting! Love Readings. Deals : Free to join. Psychic Power. Psychic Source. Psychic VOP. Greetings, salutations and welcome to my profile. I was born this way, its in my blood. I truly believe I was put on this earth to use my gifts to help my fellow man Psychic readings for 9 years 39 reviews.

You will find me caring compassionate and a pure helper of mankind who possesses extra sensory abilities. My own Spiritual journey has been a long one and very rewarding Status: Busy. Psychic readings for 21 years reviews. With over twenty years experience I combine sincerity and truth with tenderness and compassion to give an insightful and personalized reading, offering direction in love, career and life choices Status: Offline.

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Psychic readings for 18 years reviews. Artistic, articulate, caring, compassionate, clairsentient, clairaudient, direct, empathetic, emotionally intelligent, enlightened, free spirited, generous, helpful, honest, hopeful, humorous, human, insightful, inquisitive, kind, narky when I don't have.. Psychic readings for 18 years 66 reviews. My name is Shannon. I have 20 years of experience reading the Tarot cards and have a psychic ability which comes from my Grandmother.

I will give you a honest and direct advice on your reading. I like being very creative in music, art, poetry My name is Tara it is an old Irish name but it is also found in Hindu and Buddhist religions.

I believe we all live in an infinite sea of knowledge. I specialise in what I would call Psychic Life Coaching I have been a tarot reader for the past 27 years, I come from a family of readers for generations in Dublin, Ireland. I can see past, present and future events in people's lives Psychic readings for 17 years reviews.