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This white paper outlines the solutions that manufacturers can use to support regulatory compliance to screen patients for Medicare Part D during co-pay discount program enrollment. Learn how to use patient savings programs to mitigate the risk of financially motivated primary fill abandonment and its negative consequences. PDF 98 KB. BLOG Leveraging Patient Savings Programs to Reduce Prescription Abandonment Learn how to use patient savings programs to mitigate the risk of financially motivated primary fill abandonment and its negative consequences.

Read More. Related Solutions. RxCrossroads Affordability Solutions for Biopharma Companies Lower patient costs, drive adherence, and improve health outcomes using RxCrossroads' leading suite of copay solutions and free trial vouchers. This is part of an ongoing effort to ensure proper use of coupons in accordance with GSK policies as well as federal laws and guidances. Eligible patients without insurance can receive the dollars off amount specified on the coupon. Patients with insurance can receive up to the amount for which they are responsible for the prescription, less any amounts specified on the coupon.

Dollars Off Coupons are nontransferable and only an original coupon can be used. The coupon should be presented when the prescription is dropped off at the pharmacy. If a mail-order pharmacy is used, please check with the pharmacy to determine if they accept coupons. Some coupons have age, gender, or other specific requirements.

GSK reserves the right to rescind, revoke or amend its coupons without notice. For more information and to view the savings offer, click on the appropriate medicine below:. In addition to money-saving offers, many of these GSK sites also offer free educational information and tools. This website is funded and developed by GSK. This site is intended for US residents only. All rights reserved. Printable Discount Card

Select a medication to obtain coverage and pricing. You must choose to display drug names to take full advantage of pricing medications from history. Your online profile preferences are set to not allow the display of full drug names when you use this website. This feature is dependent on the display of drug names.

Therefore, to take advantage of this, select one of the choices below.

If you choose not to display drug names, you still may use the drug name search feature. Other formulary alternatives Print this page Please wait What are "formulary alternatives"?

How do I use this information? Formulary alternatives for Actiq Lozenge included by your benefit Please wait Sorry, there are no covered formulary alternatives available for this drug. Note These drugs only represent preferred alternatives in the same therapeutic class as the non-preferred drug you entered. This comparison is for demonstrating potential cost savings only. Other medications not in this therapeutic class may also be appropriate depending on your medical condition and your physician should be consulted to determine which drug is the most appropriate for you.

Your health plan includes a preferred drug list that gives you access to many commonly prescribed generic and brand-name medications. In some cases, the preferred drug list may include possible alternatives, which are medications preferred by your plan because their use, when right for your health, may also save you or your plan money. This helps keep your prescription coverage affordable while making sure your doctor can continue to provide you with the best care. The table above is a list of formulary alternatives for the medication you priced. Click "Select" next to your choice to determine that drug's cost to you and your potential savings.

Depending on your plan, there may be additional savings available based on whether you order your prescription through home delivery or a retail drugstore. In addition this list of preferred alternative s may be different for your home delivery and retail pharmacy benefit. Select the "Print this page" button or click here to print a copy of this list for your doctor and ask if an alternative is right for you.

Other drug options Print this page Please wait Please wait Medication Type Price this drug Your plan does not include any other drug options that are preferred. Medication Type Price this drug Preferred options are unavailable at this time. Medication Type Price this drug Your plan does not include any other drug options that are covered. Medication Type Price this drug Other covered options are unavailable at this time. Alert Your previous drug list will be lost if you select another patient.

Drug strength Select the drug name below to choose the drug strength and form you want to price. Less commonly dispensed medications Name Form Strength.


Quantity and days' supply. You've selected [Drug Name] If you need prices for a different medicine or dose, choose a different medicine. To get the most accurate information, please pay careful attention when you tell us the amount of medicine you take and how often you take it. Coverage alert scroll to continue. Coverage Review is required for [DrugName]. More about coverage reviews: To receive coverage for this medication, you must obtain approval through a coverage review.

Step Therapy applies to [DrugName]. For Retail Pharmacy: Step Therapy applies. For Home delivery Pharmacy: Step Therapy applies. What is Step Therapy? Coverage alert Coverage Review is required for [DrugName]. For Retail Pharmacy:. For Home delivery Pharmacy:. What are quantity limits?

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Coverage alert You searched for [DrugName]. This drug is not covered by your prescription program. Covered options Form Type. Please select "continue" to learn more about the drug you selected. You may continue to pricing results to view any coverage and other information by clicking 'continue pricing' below, or search for another medication. Continue pricing to learn how to request a formulary exception.

Coverage alert This drug is not covered. The table below shows the cost of the medication you selected in all coverage stages of this plan. Some network pharmacies may be able to dispense up to a day supply for certain medications. Some drugs, classified by the FDA as brand drugs, are eligible for a discount when dispensed in the Coverage Gap stage of the benefit.

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Eligible claim costs may not equal the full cost of the claim. The amount displayed on this site includes all applicable discounts. See Section 5 of your Evidence of Coverage to learn how to request an exception to our coverage rules.

LAMICTAL XR 250 (Lamictal XR 250 mg)

Important: This is a preventive medication. The deductible is waived for this medication and your cost will not apply toward the deductible. How can you avoid these penalties?

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Order your long-term medications through Home delivery service Visit the Order Center to see prescriptions that you can have transferred to Home delivery. Choose drugs that are on your plan's formulary Visit My Rx Choices for more information about possible formulary alternatives.