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But first, a bit of history…. BT's origins go way back, so far back that it predates the invention of the telephone. How mad is that?

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Strictly speaking though, BT proper was founded in It was originally part of the Post Office, which in turn was run by the government. British Telecom split from the Post Office in , and the government sold its final stake in BT in This creates the largest UK's largest provider of broadband and mobile services.

Yet EE and Plusnet will continue to exist. So Kevin Bacon and that Yorkshire bloke will still have a job, which is nice. As well as being one of the biggest names in telecoms, BT is also backed by its sports coverage. So if you want to watch the Champions League - sorry, the chaaaaaaampions league - then you may want to consider BT.

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Prefer to watch people getting beaten up in an octagonal ring? You need to have a BT landline to access BT broadband deals.

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The standard offer from BT with its broadband often includes free weekend calls. Extra call packages can be added if that floats your boat. Finally, you can access BT wi-fi hotspots for free across the country with all broadband deals. Looking in March , you can chop and change to find the bundle you want. Choose the broadband you want, decide if you want extra landline calls, and then add subscription TV and BT Sport if you like. Simply put, BT Infinity is its fibre optic offering.

ADSL uses the same copper wires that your phoneline uses. Fibre optic is usually a lot quicker than ADSL, but isn't available everywhere. Ofcom has a postcode checker to see what kind of speeds you can expect in your area. It can be quite expensive to install. It may be the case that a fibre cable goes to a local cabinet and then uses the ol' copper telephone wires for the 'last mile' from the cabinet to your home.

BT broadband launches a huge challenge to Sky with outrageous new deals |

Oof - thinking of that dial-up tone makes us shudder. What counts as superfast broadband? The government says at least 24Mbps megabytes per second. Now Infinity comes in a few different versions, but you have to be in a fibre-optic area to get it. Looking in March , you can get:.

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BT Infinity is BT's entry level fibre broadband option. When we had a nosey in March it offered a max speed of up to 52Mbps and a usage limit of 30GB a month. While 52Mbps is well into superfast broadband territory, the speeds you'll get may be below that. It all depends if your connection is FTTC and how far you are from your local cabinet. Technically nothing, but according to BT it's Unlimited Infinity.

This is the next stage up from Infinity and offers the same speed promise, but no limit on usage. In March , Unlimited Infinity was more expensive than Infinity. Infinity is starting to not look like a word any more. Oh come on BT. Simply choose one of their Standard or Infinity packages online and they will manage everything for you.

They will aim to switch you over to BT within two weeks, or you can choose a later date if you wish, and it will only take about 30 minutes. Your Home Hub will be delivered to you and you can connect it yourself quickly and easily. Keep up to speed and earn fantastic cashback rewards with these BT Broadband offers. With award-winning broadband, a range of packages and loads of inclusive extras, get a better broadband experience with BT Broadband.

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Already a member? Our customers loves us! Thousands of top-named brands. BT Ultrafast Broadband. BT Superfast 2 Broadband.

BT Superfast 1 Broadband. BT Broadband. Orders that include Complete Wi-Fi. This will track on top of your existing purchase rather than as a separate amount. This offer is not available direct through BT or through BT call centres. Cashback will be declined for BT employees as they cannot claim cashback with their order. Cashback not available in conjunction with BT Gift Cards. Customers moving home and continuing an existing BT contract will not be eligible for cashback. BT Sport is not a TV package and will not be commissionable.

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Cashback may only be paid via BACS. If, after you have placed your order via TopCashback, it is necessary for BT to amend the details of your order, you will need to send the new order reference to TopCashback so that your cashback claim can progress. BT Broadband - New Customers cashback can be earned simply by clicking through to the merchant and shopping as normal.

BT Broadband - New Customers Cashback is available through TopCashback on genuine, tracked transactions completed immediately and wholly online. A new customer when taking a broadband offer, is defined as any person who does not currently have BT Broadband installed at their home.

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They may have a BT line, but not the broadband services. Between 8th August and 15th August we expericened some tracking issues on the BT program, if you purchased from BT in this time frame and no transaction has tracked yet please submit a customer claim. Customers ordering BT Infinity who already have BT broadband copper are not regarded as new customers.

If you are logged out of your account, the rates shown will be the Plus member rates. Please login to ensure you see the relevant rates to your membership level. Cashback is paid for all customers purchasing a brand new package. Existing BT customers who regrade a current package will only be eligible for cashback on the new add-on element, if cashback is offered on the particular product at the time. Cashback rates are subject to change both up and down.